Solar Thermal Conductive Wall Technology

Solar thermal conductive wall technology, including shell and solar collector panels, as well as input and output pipes, a plurality of solar collector panels are fixed in the shell from top to bottom in order, and each meets the requirements of being fixed approximately perpendicular to the sun's rays and located in the solar collector One end of the heat conduction pipes or heat conduction cavities on the back side of the board is connected to the main input pipe after being assembled, and the other end of each heat conduction pipe or heat conduction cavity is connected to the main output pipe after being assembled. The solar thermally conductive wall provided by the present invention can be fixed on the wall of the building facing the sun in a single or multiple blocks side by side, and the support of the building is used to provide enough sun facing areas and use solar energy resources as much as possible. The heat collecting plates in the heat conduction wall maintain a vertical relationship with the sun's rays, so that the heat energy conversion efficiency is high. The heat-conducting wall is combined to form an exterior wall with decorative effect, which is more ornamental.