AR Self-Cleaning Technology

In response to the current deficiencies in the use of FPC glass and market demand, we have actively developed a new type of nanometer self-cleaning coating for glass. This technology is mainly based on the introduction of special nanoparticles and other functional units in the special coating system to give the coating. The layer is stain-resistant and self-cleaning.

The nano-coating system can increase the glass transmittance by 91.5% to 97.5%, and isolate the glass from contact with the outside, making it difficult for dust and other dirt to be combined with the glass through the Coulomb force; the coating system itself forms a covalent bond with the glass surface Firmly bonded, excellent durability; at the same time, the unique hydrophobic properties of the coating make rainwater containing organic matter, inorganic salts and entrained dirt not leave water lines on the glass, and has a lotus leaf effect; the coating has the ability to buffer and remove static electricity , Eliminating the classic adsorption of dust, which greatly improves the anti-fouling and self-cleaning performance of the glass.