Solar District Heating (SDH) System

Solar District Heating (SDH) System

1)  Solar heat collection fields are centralized installated in cities and towns, directly connected with regional heat grids or heat stations for heat exchange, and use for municipal heating.

2)  Through expert design team and institute cooperation, provide users with professional and reliable solutions.

3)  BTE Solar Collector:  EFPC large flat plate solar collector has independent intellectual property rights can produce different size according to projects. It has high luminous heat conversion efficiency and cost-effective. Under the same heating load, it can reduce the number of collectors, installation area and construction cost.

4)  The collector adopts the design of rapid installation to shorten the construction period, reduce the system pipeline and construction cost.

Collector area:19,000 ㎡

Installation QTY: 1664PCS

Installation Area: 40,000㎡

Application type: Used for building heating